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By Dr. Monika J. Pronczuk

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Keep your teeth protected

Oral traumas can happen to anyone playing sports, from youth leagues through professional sports. Fortunately these injuries can be prevented with a custom-fit mouthguard from us.

Not all mouthguards are created equal

Dentist fabricated mouthguards are the only way to ensure you're getting the full protection your mouth needs. Our office offers PLAYSAFE custom mouthguards to ensure you're getting the full protection your mouth needs without interfering with breathing and speaking ability.

  • Junior - Designed specifically for children with mixed dentition. (Only available in yellow, red, blue, green, black or ivory).

  • Light - Designed for wrestling, volleyball, mountain biking, and motocross. (Only available in bright yellow, bright red, light blue or green).

  • Medium - Specially fabricated for soccer, rugby, basketball, softball, rollerblading, skating and skateboarding.

  • Heavy - Specially designed for baseball, football, racquetball, martial arts & boxing.

  • Heavy Pro - Custom fabricated for ice, field and street hockey along with kickboxing & other heavy contact sports where blows from pointed objects are expected.

Choose the right fit

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Sports mouthguards

New technology in our office! We are now able to make custom fit, lab quality sports mouthguards! We can customize it with your name, team colors, jersey numbers, logos at no extra cost - just ask! And it only takes a day or two to make it! No more bulky boil-in-the water appliances that no one wants to wear - with our mouthguards you can breathe easy and talk, that's how well it fits. It can easily go around braces, too!!